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Welcome to my blog! It does not have a special theme. You will find all sorts of pictures which I liked for considering them to be beautiful or interesting, all of them 100% suitable for work.

A few photos are mine. Find them here: my photos

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Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, I do not own rights to and did not produce any of the content posted. If you find anything of yours that you would like to have removed, please inform me of the post's ID, date, or URL and I will remove it immediately.

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by © Dekka

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Miniature Sculpture by Kendal Murray

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Pronghorn Antelope

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Alpsee, Germany
Edward Noble

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Hail Storm over Burj Khalifa  - (via) | VE

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Ölmeden kavuştum sana, şükürler olsun.

Karbala / Iraq

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